Saturday, July 24, 2004

Bourne Supremacy Review

Saw the “Bourne Supremacy”“Bourne Supremacy” tonight and, you know, I love a great action movie as much as the next guy. Unfortunately, "great action movie" is not a category into which the newest installment in the Bourne series falls.

The first Bourne vehicle was a serviceable, if generic, thriller given some spice by its "who-is-he?" plot device. The second is full of fast paced action including one of the most elaborate car chase scenes I've ever scene. The editing in said car scene is so quick some shots lasting no more than half a second) it's impossible to tell what's going on.

Maybe the filmmakers wanted to keep things rolling so we wouldn't notice the absence of any cohesive story. The film has a happy ending. The bad guys all get carted away which is fine, but I always enjoy a movie so much more when I know who the antagonist is and have even the slightest inkling into his motivations for, say, trying to off the good guy.

The Bourne Supremacy is what audiences expect to find at the movies in the summer, loud, easy, and full of spectacle. Still, there's a difference between fluff that's good and junk fluff. I would have expected the movie's makers to have known the difference.

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