Friday, July 23, 2004

Britney Spears: Wedding Invite For Sell

I've been a pretty faithful Britney blogger, chronicling what has become a painful and humiliating flame-out.

First, there was the quickie wedding fiasco. The groom in that debacle recently described his sexual escapades with the Britster on the evening of their wedding to an European newspaper. She must be so proud.

Then, there was a new flop album followed by a bloated summer tour, also a flop.

The only thing keeping Brit from falling of the cultural map completely is the massive publicity machine pushing her. No one on the street cares. Britney managed to alienate her audience by continuing to pour on more of the same overt sexuality long after her fans were satisfied.

She missed a crucial move out of the Madonna playbook. The Material Girl would have sensed people tiring of her trampy persona and started showing up modestly and glamorously attired. Christina Aguilera got the message. In some recent photos, ol' Xtina looks downright prim.

Now, on the heels of her recently announced engagement to Kevin Federline, a man whose second child (neither with Britney) was born this week, comes the latest rumor in the ongoing saga of Brit's self destruction. It appears she is looking at offers to televise her November nuptials as well as auctioning off the photo rights. I would advise her to think again about televising the wedding. Keeping the affair private would save her the humiliation of being a ratings bomb. I would tell her to wait two years, then sell the rights to televise the divorce. That, I bet, people would watch.

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