Monday, August 02, 2004

Fallen Stars

The Mrs. and I watched a few episodes of "The Lucy Show" on DVD last night. "The Lucy Show" was a television series Lucille Ball starred
in sometime in the sixties well after "I Love Lucy" was kaput.

In one episode, George Burns shows up and asks Lucy to be in his show. The two of them do a routine together reminiscent of the Burns & Allen schtick. After a few minutes of jokes the two of them break into song and do a little soft shoe to round out the act.

They don't make them like that any more. Those stars who came out of vaudeville and the early days of radio seemed to have so much more talent than the current crop of pretty faces Hollywood is churning out. I mean, can you think of one star in Hollywood who can sing, dance, act, and tell jokes. Well, I'll give you Wayne Brady, but beside him? Can you imagine Lindsay Lohan hoofing it in the glow of the gaslights? I don't think so.

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