Saturday, September 04, 2004

It Had to Happen: Sex Bores Kids

A British comapany has done a study that found young people are beginning to be turned off by sexually explicit advertising.

A company representative said, "Sexual imagery is becoming so mainstream ... such a regular part of their life that it doesn't break through any more. It's not shocking them and it's not clearly marking it [a brand] as youth-oriented or anti-conventional."

In the sexual utopia Boomer revolutionaries imagined, sex was supposed to offer a limitless panoply of delights. Now, a generation rushed into sexual experience by Boomers eager to reshape traditional sexual morality is turning away, no longer tittilated by promises that fail to deliver.

What's the next big thing then in a post-sex world? Toys, apparently.

The same article said, "The report found that play is having an increasingly strong impact on young people. People in their 20s and 30s are collecting toys, while fashion trends were becoming increasingly playful, incorporating cartoon imagery"

There is a longing for innocence in these genrations. Whether marketers can get free of the ideology of sexual revolution long enough to capitalize on it remains to be seen.

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