Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Alex and Emma-Unwatchable and Insufferable

In my adolescence, I sat through "Death Spa". I've seen a number of Troma films including this one. I've even seen some truly frightening films no human being should have to see.

Rare are the times when I can slog through to the end of some odious piece of celluloid rubbage.

This week, I found one that made the "unwatchable list," short as it may be.

I plucked last year's "Alex and Emma" from the new release shelf at Blockbuster. Luke Wilson and Kate Hudson star. He's supposed to be a novelist who can't type; she is his stenographer.

I knew making it through was going to be tough when in the first five minutes some very rough looking Cuban men hang Wilson upsode down off his balcony twice. I knew this movie was going to have a lot to apologize for. The whole thing is only 89 minutes or so, not enough time to make up for such a cliched opening. I bailed at about minute 58.

I reccomend you avoid this one.

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