Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I've got a little explaining to do

Once, we were happy, the Mrs. and I. We had jobs we liked, a cozy apartment with a landlord who was always around, his bearded smile gleaming from beneath the brim of his low-slung Indiana Jones hat. Just like Jones our landlord was an archeologist too.

Then, we threw it all way. We had offers. They seemed good, chances too sweet to pass up. So, we packed up instead. We left our jobs and our place and threw ourselves on the wheel of history flush with the excitement of chances taken.

We traveled a while running here and there, meeting folks, having all kinds of fun. Then, the fun ended.

We spent the fall involved with an operation in New England we thought we might one day go to work for. We spent a lot of time with these people and found our long-term future wasn't going to be with them. Our vision of the immediate future was dashed.

We didn't panic. We came home, back to New Hampshire where I'm applying to graduate schools all over the country. Since we were already in New England, coming here was cheap. If I get into any of these programs, we'll be hitting the road again anyway. We figured one big move was enough and so settled here for the interim months.

We're still getting settled. Soon, we'll be in a permanent place and the regular blogging will resume. I appreciate those of you who drop by regularly to see if I've updated and I hate letting you down most of the time.

We're still happy and wouldn't have missed the last few months even if they have required some quick adaptation. We're doing fine, don't worry and keep an eye out for us. We'll be around soon.

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