Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow Job

Maybe you've heard about the storms we�ve been having. Mounds and mounds of snow have fallen up and down the East Coast. Philly, New York, Boston all got hit hard. We did too but oddly, not as badly as places south of us.

In the midst of the storm, we got a good look at some corporations' indifference to the welfare of its lowest level employees.

For reasons I won't go into here, both the Mrs. and I have been working retail the last couple of months.

I'm working in the entertainment industry renting DVD's. The Mrs. works behind a supermarket deli counter slicing bologna for iced-over strangers in rush to get home before the snow falls.

The only indication of concern for employee safety to come from either of these companies was the few minutes early my wife got to leave her post in the middle of last week's blizzard. Of course, she only got the OK to take off hours after the New Hampshire State Police began asking people to stay off the roads.

I understand businesses want to stay open and collect revenue as long as possible, but when law enforcement agencies are asking people not to drive, shouldn't employees be free to comply?

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