Monday, January 24, 2005

Stop the madness!

As I mentioned earlier, both of us have had dangerous drives homes through slippery hills and curves because winter weather is good for business. When I lived in Indiana the mad, pre-storm rush for supplies made more sense. Serious snow fell only every few years and it could sometimes take a couple of days to dig out.

I don’t understand why the same panic goes on here. It’s New England, after all. You’d think people would expect snow. During the worst storms, the roads are treacherous, but by the next morning they are passable, and always clear by the afternoon.

Still, the morning before the most recent storm, the line at the video store where I work wound from the check out counter all the way back through the action section. There were probably never fewer than 10 people in line. A normal day for our store is about 800 customers. That day we had more than 1700. People act like it’s 1856, there’s no such thing as a plow truck, and they just aren’t going to make it without that copy of “Princess Diaries Two.”

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