Saturday, February 12, 2005

Blockbuster Late Fee Policy Under Fire

Reuters has an article today reporting Blockbuster is taking some flack for the change in their late fee policy.

I'm limited in what I can say, of course, but I recommend reading the article.

One caution, however. The Reuters reporter got her facts wrong when she writes:
Though consumers now have an extended grace period to return films and games without extra fees at Blockbuster stores, they ultimately are charged the full retail price of the title (minus the initial rental fee) if they keep it for more than a month.

Actually, customer accounts are charged the sale price of the movie after 7 days,a fact she could easily have verified by checking Blockbuster's "No More Late Fees" FAQ page (#5). If the movies comes back within 30 days. the charge is ultimately credited back to the account.

Renting a movie at Blockbuster has become an arduous and complicated task. At the register, every costumer is told about the movie pass, the rewards program and the end of late fees. What used to be a simple procedure, now takes half an hour and, apparently, consultation with your state's attorney general.

NOTE: My linking to this article, or any discussion of Blockbuster or its policies does not necessarily indicate I am employed by the company.

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