Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Getting the Picture

I've always had great experiences with Netflix. I not only appreciate the excellent service I've received, but feel a loyalty to the company. With Blockbuster and now Wal-Mart getting into the on-line DVD rental business. I want to support Netflix because, whether or not I'm right, I see them as the little guy wrestling the behemoths.

The New York Times today has a long profile on the company and it's struggles to stay afloat.

One thing Netflix executives are worried about is video-on-demand, the cable service that allows people to click a button on their remote and, for a small fee, watch a movie instantly. In spite of its convenience, I'm not sure how video on demand will catch on. Most people like to own a physical object. DVD rentals may falter, but I think people will always be interested in purchasing movies in a tangible medium they can store in their home libraries.

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