Monday, February 21, 2005

Good to Go

Thanks to all who commented on recent posts. I'll answer them when I get a moment.

A few days ago, I got a call from my district manager. I had called her about the conflict between my needing to be out of the state for the weekend and my being scheduled to work.

She told me she needed me to communicate better. Seems the problem was only that when I said I needed to make an impromptu trip to a state a thousand miles away, I hadn't said it was important.

In the future, I'm supposed to indicate the reason I need to have time off so the corporation can decide if it's really important.

So it seems that when I was told it was impossible for me to have that time off, what I was supposed to have understood was "impossible"really means "possible."

Oh well, I'm cleared for take-off.

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