Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Make a Call, Save a Life

Terri Schiavo's feeding tube could be removed today at 5.

You may think Terri is braindead, or dependent on life support. She's not. She breathes on her own, she's not dependent on any machinery for her survival except the tube through which she receives nourishment.

She's alive, but unconscious. There is still a chance, even if slight, that she could wake up.

If her tube is pulled it will be a very different situation from taking someone off life support. It will be starving someone who needs help to death. It really is that simple.

Please call Florida Gov. Jeb Bush@(850) 488-7146 and/or the Florida Legislature@(850) 488-6026. Make it clear to whomever you speak that you are asking both the legislative and executive branches of government to step in and save Terri's life if the judicial branch makes itself an accessory to murder.

UPDATE: Terri just received a stay to allow her to continue being fed until Friday.

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