Saturday, February 19, 2005

Saturday Morning Question

Someone once asked me a question I had never really thought of before. It was so good, I've returned to it a few times over the years to update my answers.

When the Mrs. and I go shopping, price is typically the deciding factor. We don't yet, and may never, inhabit the exotic financial lands where packaging or taste serve as a criterion. The question this friend asked me so long ago was, "What are some name brand products you refuse to live without?"

There aren't many. In fact there are only three products to which I feel any loyalty for their consistently superior performance. They are:

1) Apple

I married in. The Mrs. was a Mac user from way back, so when I switched from single to married life I also switched platforms. I've been very pleased. Windows machines now seem like old girlfriends, awkward to be around and less attractive all the time.

2. Coca-Cola

What can I say? Simply the greatest product ever put on the market. I try to savor just one a day, but it's hard because Coke is, after all, the very elixer of life.


I was raised on these guys. Though I've strayed over the years and tried to get by with those generic "toaster pastries" you see loitering forlornly on the periphery of the cereal section, I've always returned. Nothing surpasses the sweet blend of crunchy crust and sweet, gooey center like the real thing. Frankly, all the imitators suck.

So, I pose the same question to you. Have you found any products whose competitors or knock-offs are nowhere near the quality of the original? What brand names can you not live without?

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