Friday, February 18, 2005

TV Notes

I never tire of Monk. The show has become quite a hit for the USA network and deservedly so. The Mrs. found it first and introduced me, but I think my devotion to the quirky Adrian Monk, the rattled detective, has surpassed hers.

Monk is a middle-aged obsessive-compulsive on suspension from the San Francisco police department because his phobias and other psychological foibles began to interfere with his work after the death of his beloved wife, Trudy.

Still, because of Monk’s Holmesian powers of observation and deduction, the captain routinely calls him in as a consultant to solve the case baffling the rest of the squad. He always delivers, even if he has to interrupt an interrogation to straighten a pillow or pick lint from a suspect’s lapel.

It’s as heartwarming and funny as a show about ruthless murderers can be. What I like most about it, though, is Monk’s continuing quest to right wrongs and to pursue justice even as he suffers with his own crippling maladies. The show’s as gentle as “24” is dark.

I’ve often imagined an episode of “24” where Jack Bauer is stumped, just can’t find those rascally terrorists and calls Monk for help. Certainly would save “24” from its relentless humorlessness.

In other TV news, it seems I am missing a new season of Survivor. What can I say, free DVDs can ruin distract even the hardcore. Thankfully, Jen has a nice recap of the action so far.

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